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Charge RPG is a free, open and generic role-playing game.It uses a quick dice resolution mechanics inspired by Forged in the Dark games, but with an entirely new spin, using clever ways to make the players want to engage with the game as much as possible.Play the game, design with the SRD, and enjoy action packed story telling.

The Charge Family

All of Charge's goodness, condensed on a single bi-fold brochure.There is no easier way to get started with Charge. Print at home, and play in your favorite setting, today!

Design your own TTRPG with forward momentum using the Charge SRD.Get started today using this great system featured on Dicebreaker's 9 Best Tabletop RPG Systems to Hack Into a Custom Game.

Play using this rules-light fiction focused system.Easily create characters for any setting, embrace the style of play you are the most interested in, and play a compelling action packed campaigns.

Official Charge DIce

There is no better way to get momentum than with the official Charge dice set, crafted for you by top dice artisans.We've partnered with Monomakes Craft to bring you a beautiful set of six sided dice that you can customize to your liking.Available soon...!

Community Driven

Charge belongs to the community. It's free, released under an open game license, and welcomes contributions.Join the Fari Community and let's build something great, together.

Powered By Charge

Tons of creators have used Charge to power their games. From classic fantasy, metaverse, sci-fi, baking shows, or wreck-it ralph style adventure, there is a bit of everything for everyone

A Tool Belt Full of Extras

The Fari Community has come together to build numerous hacks and rules compatible with Charge which are all accessible for free over at Fari Games.

Press Kit

Here you will find details, and assets for you to use if you want to cover Charge in your blog, podcast, website, channel, stream, actual play, etc.Enjoy!


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